Henry spent most of his working life as a civil / structural engineer but needed a change as he approached retirement expecting to find a lot more time on his hands. The prospect of writing novels came to his mind and he started with a novel called “Better Dead Than Alive”, a complex thriller with several twists.

Thrillers appealed to him because they allow him to use the imagination he developed as a youngster through comics, films and paperbacks. Creative writing has no constraints, other than telling a story with clarity, in good English that will flourish in the mind of readers.

His latest novel is called, “A Chance Killing”, which is a diversion from his previous books and is set in 1918 when the world was gripped in an influenza pandemic.

Planning and integration of the various strands of a complex story is challenging and leads to development or modification during the writing process.

The novel Henry is currently writing is his most complex to date with strands in crime, politics and environmental issues.