No Time To Play



Two children are being chased by the Gestapo because of their Jewish heritage and a young sixteen year old girl is charged with taking them to freedom in Switzerland. The story is set in 1941 when Europe is beginning to feel the worst of the Nazi boot and Austria is gradually losing its identity after being Annexed to Germany by Hitler in 1938. The children are being chased by a fanatical Gestapo officer desperate to arrest them to validate his credential with his superiors, and also be their Father who is equally desperate to find and protect them from being sent to a concentration camp. Mitzi's first job for the Resistance has political and human significance in war torn Europe and ends with the children taking the most important train journey of their lives. She has lost her childhood on the day of the Anschluss and had to grow up fast with no time to play.
This is a small story compared with the atrocities committed by the Nazis in World War 2 but is synonymous with the greater battle of good against evil and fighting almost against insurmountable odds.

Publication date : February 9, 2017

Language : English

Print length : 352 pages

This is my first book and I spent a long time writing it.  I did learn along the way with one of the most important things being to keep detailed records of characters and their influence on the story.  I like doing sequence boards to give me a timeline and make sure the progress of the action from different characters ties up neatly.

I've tried to write an interesting book with plenty of plot twists to keep the reader guessing on the direction the story is going to take, and the people I got to read the book before publishing all found it engrossing and unpredictable.  They were my friends who I asked to be honest and I was pleased they all enjoyed the book.

Since publishing the book I've also had some good feedback and the comments received were encouraging.  There are two customer reviews on Amazon that both give the book 5 stars.

I'm just finishing my second book, which is set in WW2 and very different in nature.  The central theme is based on true events experienced by my Mother although the action surrounding the main theme is fiction.

If you want to contact me to find out more about either of my books, my e-mail address is hfa4075641@aol.com, my home phone number is 01254 831244 and my mobile number is 07912 651125.

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