First Deceit: A Conspiracy Thriller (The Fatal Deceit Trilogy Book 1)



Jack and Elsa knew one thing…

Miami was magical—and full of wealthy businessmen just begging to be conned out of their money.

Jack uses Elsa's confidence as an erotic dancer to lure men into embarrassing situations that they will pay generously to escape from.

Could this trick continue to bring in riches for this unscrupulous pair?

When Jack and Elsa target Irish-American tycoon Simon Walsh, Jack believes the payday could well be their last—and he may be right. The scam goes dangerously wrong, and Jack attempts a new form of deceit to extract an even more enormous amount of money from Walsh. His scheme involves his dangerous contacts in the criminal underworld.

Surely being a seasoned con would pave the way for Jack and Elsa to live the rest of their days comfortably well-off.

Or has Jack gone too far?

You'll love this thriller because everyone loves deciding who's the villain and who's the victim in a tale of divided loyalties and twisted characters.

Publication date : January 25, 2020

Language : English

Print length : 236 pages