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A Chance Killing



A fun night out turns into “A CHANCE KILLING” and 4 teenagers try to escape the law. It won’t be easy as the victim’s son pledges to make them pay!

The squeeze of the trigger takes a man’s life and there is no going back to the way things were. Murder is easy. They think their best chance of escape is to leave Kansas by joining the army and going to France.

The US joined the French and British in fighting the Germans in World War 1. This war was most barbaric in history, a bloody hell, and the deadly flu virus added to the death toll. Soldiers died on their way to France and in the trenches from the flu. Faced with these risks from the Germans and the flu, Will Davies and Lou Macklin have to overcome their differences and work together to survive.

The hunter and his prey join the army, go through training together and sail to France on the death ship, the S.S Leviathan. Lou Macklin proves he is a man of worth, and makes up for his crime by saving Will's life, yet he cannot escape his crime and faces a trial after the Armistice.

The reason for the shooting is unclear, is it murder or manslaughter. It was not a premeditated act, so why did Lou squeeze that trigger?

“Author Henry Farley has crafted a unique and very interesting work of historical fiction, one which combines the mystery genre with the military story line really well. “ K C Flynn, Readers Favorite.

Publication date : January 25, 2020

Language : English

Print length : 236 pages