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The books I have written are diverse. Two historical fiction war stories set in the two world wars, a hardboiled crime thriller, a story mixing Hollywood glamour with crime and a futuristic presidential election set in 2052.

Five Star Reviews from Readers Favorites

Fatal Deceit: "If you love a crime mystery that keeps you turning pages, guessing at what might happen next, only to find twists and turns you never expected, you’ll love Fatal Deceit."

Viga Boland

No Time to Play:  "This is an excellent book and gives us a worthy heroine that girls could look up to. It gives a piece of history that isn't well known.  The story grabs your attention from the beginning."

Tiffany Ferrell

A Chance Killing: "A unique and very interesting work of historical fiction, one which combines the mystery genre with the military storyline really well. A Chance Killing for murder mystery and historical fans alike: a highly accomplished novel with engrossing characters."

K C Finn

Defy the Odds: "Had me hooked from the very beginning. The pace of the story is fast, but not overwhelmingly so. The readers get plenty of time to adapt to the story, pick a side, and enjoy the ride."

Rabia Tanveer

"Surprises are everywhere and there continue to be shockers throughout, I finished in two days and loved every minute of it. Very highly recommended."

 Jamie Michele

"A savvy thriller with a cast of diverse characters. it is probably one of the most creative smokescreens I've come across in the political suspense genre."

Asher Syed

His Final Act: "I was glued from the start. The twists and turns in the cleverly woven plotline kept me on the edge of my seat, and I could not wait to find out what would happen in the subsequent chapters. The steady pace of the book and the suspense expertly generated by the author will keep the reader intrigued and entertained."

Frank Mutuma


Story snaspshots.

Dead so Soon

Jack's seemingly failproof scam endangers Elsa's life and now he wants revenge. The path leads to false imprisonment, murder and the loss of the most important person in Jack's life. Who said crime was an easy way to make money?

kindle eBook


Protect the children

A sixteen-year-old girl called Mitzi is tasked with the safe passage to Switzerland of two Jewish children in 1941. She bonds with the children and in the face of betrayal has to draw on all of her ingenuity and resilience to protect them.

kindle eBook


Find the murderer

Will's father lies dead on the floor of a bank, murdered by Lou, who joins the US army to escape to France. Will also enlists, but before Lou can be brought to justice, they both have to encounter intensive, barbaric warfare and the deadly influenza virus of WW1

kindle eBook


Who will be President?

The presidential elections of 2052 are being manipulated by a master criminal.  To get what he wants, he plants an informer in the White House and devises a plan to murder the incumbent. The fate of the world hangs on the police catching him.

kindle eBook


Murder without Motive

Diane McKenna is murdered in her Beverley Hills mansion and her ex-partner is threatened with death in London. Are the incidents linked? With no obvious motives for either event, the police have to dig deep to uncover a dark, complex web of corruption.



Changing Face

Completing the first draft of my latest book

Ankur is a  young man with the remarkable ability to change his features at will because of his DNA structure. He becomes enmeshed with a criminal gang in London who have stolen a record amount of gold from an armoured car bound for Newcastle.

Jack Shepherd is tasked with finding the criminals and recovering the gold. The investigation follows a tortuous trail halfway around the world before returning home.



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